The Company Fact Sheet

At Continental, we are renowned for our standards in quality and product design. We offer fully integrated services—from research and development to manufacturing. Regarded as one of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers in the world, we are acknowledged for producing quality products for an elite market.

Our continuous success comes from a deep understanding of the dynamism of styles and trends. We have over four decades of experience in the jewellery industry. Our founder, Dr. Charles, Chan Sing Chuk, is a recognised innovator in the jewellery industry. Establishing his techniques in Hong Kong, he introduced ground-breaking techniques in production, including lost-wax casting and specially designed mass production assembly lines.

In 1975, with knowledge gained from the United States, the Continental venture was launched. From the beginning, our ideology has been simple yet effective—"look ahead and never give up." The company was quickly recognized as a success, receiving many accolades and awards in Hong Kong & the PRC. Today, this prestige drives us to undertake further and to contribute to causes beyond jewellery. As our company is continually recognized for excellence, we understand the importance of this status and actively contribute to charitable organizations.

Nowadays, these beliefs still guide Continental, as we continue to operate with a vision. By raising and upholding quality, by being mindful of the world around us, we ensure our reputation of quality and integrity to customers.

Continental always looks ahead by diversifying our business in different sectors. We manage an extensive world-wide portfolio in property, mining and other industries. These activities will build up a strong base for Continental, by ensuring future incomes to our investors.

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